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Saturday, January 31, 1998


The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is an economic indicator issued daily by the London-based Baltic Exchange. Not restricted to Baltic Sea countries, the index provides "an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea. Taking in 23 shipping routes measured on a timecharter basis, the index covers HandysizeSupramaxPanamax, and Capesize dry bulk carriers carrying a range of commodities including coaliron ore and grain."

Baltic Dry Index (BDI) - Daily Value

Spot TC Average = The Average Value of the Main Shipping Routes applicable for each of the 3 types of Ships
BDI = The Weighted Composite Index of BCI / BPI / BSI

Every working day, a panel of international shipbrokers submits their view of current freight cost on various routes to the Baltic Exchange. The routes are meant to be representative, i.e. large enough in volume to matter for the overall market.

Baltic Dry Index (BDI) - Stock Chart
1 year period

source: tradingeconomics.com

Baltic Dry Index (BDI) - Stock Chart
2011 till now

source: tradingeconomics.com

These rate assessments are then weighted together to create both the overall BDI and the size specific Supramax, Panamax, and Capesize indices. The BDI factors in the four different sizes of oceangoing dry bulk transport vessels:
Ship ClassificationDead Weight Tons% of World Fleet% of Dry Bulk Traffic
Supramax45,000-59,00037%18% w/ Handysize
Handysize15,000-35,00034%18% w/ Supramax


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