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Tuesday, April 24, 2001

CURIOUS TO KNOW AND SEE: Oil Rigs removal by SkyJack-16000 (Video)

25 April 2016

Ravestein BV is specialised in building heavy steel structures. SkyJack-16000 designed for bringing heavy structures (such as concrete tunnels, windmill foundation ships, etc.,) from quay into the water and vice versa. 2 SkyJacks can be used for the removal of Oil Rigs.

Curious to Know and See: Oil Rigs removal by SkyJack-16000 (Video)
Ravestein SkyJack 16000 - Image: Ravestein BV

The platform is built out of a mono hull pontoon, 4 Jacking Systems and 4 Spud-Legs.

The 4 jacking systems are manufactured with a heavy duty pinning system. Operation of this fast and heavy duty system, lifting and lowering / locking and un-locking, is done completely hydraulically from a control panel located in the control cabin.

Source: VesselFinder.com

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