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Monday, April 9, 2001

DeltaSAFER: A safe and affordable ferry for the Asian market

9 April 2016

The Asian ferry market is facing many challenges and a need for development. The demand for ferry transportation and new, safe vessels is high. However, no tempting and cost-effective ways have been offered so far to resolve the situation. As a leading ferry design company, Deltamarin has decided to find an answer, which is both safe and affordable at the same time.

DeltaSAFER: A safe and affordable ferry for the Asian market
DeltaSAFER21 ferry design Image: Deltamarin

The key features of the Asian ferry market are:

  • Large regional variations in cargo volume and composition (passenger/truck/car ratios)
  • Huge economic pressure on operators (especially in the developing countries)
  • Unsatisfactory safety record (e.g. in South-East Asia)
After an in-depth analysis of the regional market and in close cooperation with a shipyard from the region, we are now ready to introduce an answer to the challenges of the market:

DeltaSAFER – a family of SAFE and AFFORDABLE new-built ferries.

This design combines:

  • The cost-effectiveness of a simple design to reduce construction and operating costs
  • An exceptional level of safety to minimise the risks to passengers and cargo
  • A modular platform to meet the needs of different kinds of routes
DeltaSAFER is designed to be built at Asian shipyards. The first example of the DeltaSAFER family is a design made for China-Korea routes; applications for other regions are also under development. Stay tuned as more details will be revealed in the coming months.

Deltamarin has also recently been focusing on developing also other ferry designs: DeltaChallenger, which showcases the future ro-pax vessel, and DeltaLinx, a compact design developed for short coastal routes.

Source: Deltamarin

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