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Monday, January 14, 2013

Embed Map with JavaScript Codes

EMBEDDING live tracking map of VesselFinder or MarineTraffic using JavaScript codes

Option 1 - Embed Vessel Finder Map
Ship positions are delayed sometimes from few hours to few days due to the poorly developed AIS coverage network in comparison with the network of Marine Traffic, popup information is totally wrong and outdated, check few vessels with maps of Marine Traffic or of the relevant ships' owner information prior deciding to embed this map. As it happens in real life here also we may say something positive for Vessel Finder's maps and it is the fact that if you see a vessel position with a date next to her name being not present this means that this is the last known position at that moment. A big plus for Vessel Finder especially comparing to Marine Traffic which in such cases (i.e. ship is out of range) just turns to general map and doesn't leave any sign or mark on the map where lastly the vessel has been.
Current Position of Brilliance of the Seas

Use the Javascript code below for the map above:

Option 2 - Embed MarineTraffic Map
Current Position of Costa Magica - if vessel is not displayed this is because it is temporarily our of AIS network coverage i.e. it is in the open seas, please check again in a while
Use the Javascript code below for the map above:

Option 3 - Embed Number of World Ports Map
JavaScript Code for embedding World Ports map as shown in the example above:

Option 4 - Embed Ships Distribution Map

If you wish to embed the map above Copy and Paste the following JavaScript Code:

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