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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shipping Terms - Letter B

Maritime, Shipping and Commercial Terms,
Expressions, Abbreviations, Measuring Units, etc.
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

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Business Area Analysis

Back Haul
The return leg of a round trip.
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Materials, usually water, carried as ballast in tanks improves the trim and the stability of the vessel.
Securing of cargo on a pallet generally by a steel/metal stripping.
Bank Draft (B/D)
A bank instrument wherein payment of funds is guaranteed.
Banker's Acceptance
A form of financing used in import/export transactions.
Bank Guarantee
Protection in writing to a Carrier for performing a deviation from normal business guaranteed by a bank. May under certain circumstances be accepted in lieu of original Bill of Lading to release cargo.
Bar Coding
A method of encoding data for electronic readability. Bar codes are a series of alternating bars and spaces affixed to products, labels, or other media, representing encoded information, which can be read by electronic reading devices.
Bare Boat Charter
A charter whereby the Charterer leases the ship and provides the master and crew himself.
Barge (Lighter)
Flat bottomed vessel for a.o. canals and rivers with or without own propulsion for the purpose of transporting goods.

Base Port
Ports from which standard tariff rates applies to thos normally serviced directly by members.

Base Rate
Rate used only for construction of other rates.
Basic Agreement
A document containing administrative rules and regulations adhered to by members of a conference. These guidelines are voluntarily agreed to by the member lines and are on file with the Federal Maritime Commission.
Basing Points
A point (location) used in construction of through rates between other points.
A grouping of products or data which is treated as one entity with respect to certain operations e.g. processing and production.
A vertical division of a vessel, partly indicating the stowage of containers.
Bay Plan (BP)
Section by section plan of a vessel indicating where cargo is stowed.
Beneficial Cargo Owner - Refers to the importer of record, who physically takes possession of cargo at destination and does not act as a third party in the movement of such goods.
The measurement, comparison, and exchange of standards in the business process(es).
The result of vertical forces acting on a vessel as a result of local differences between weight and buoyancy.
Best Practice
Also known as competitive benchmarking, the methodology that determines state-of-industry performance or application.
A location in a port where a vessel docks.
Berth Terms
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Bilateral Transport Agreement
Agreement between two nations pertaining to transport.
Bill of Lading (B/L, Blading)
A cargo receipt, issued and signed by a duly authorised person on behalf of the Carriers.
a. A document evidencing the title to the goods described therein.
b. A contract listing the terms and conditions of carriage agreed upon between Shipper and Carrier.
Bill of Lading Clause
A particular article of a Bill of Lading. A clause can be standard and is usually preprinted on the B/L.
Bill of Lading Number (B/L No.)
Carrier’s (unique) reference number assigned to Bill of Lading.
Goto : Bill of Lading.
B/L Terms
Bill of Lading terms under which a shipment is carried.
Goto : Bill of Lading.
Block Train
A number of railway wagons (loaded with containers), running from A to B without marshalling, transshipping or any coupling or decoupling of wagons underway.
Pole, fixed to a quay or a vessel, for securing mooring lines.
Bracing of a commodity in a container. Flatrack container without ends.
Bona Fide
In good faith; true.
The storage of import goods under charge of customs viz. customs seal until the import duties are paid or until the goods are re-exported.
Cargo commitment made to Carrier by Shipper.
Booking Note
Numbered document, which confirms acceptance of a specific shipment while detailing specific information, i.e., weight, id, port, ship name, voyage number, discharge point.
Common terminology describing a container.
Box Rate
A lump sum charge to move cargo in containers from origin to destination.
Boycott Certificates
Required by certain countries restricting carriage to certain flag vessels.
Break Bulk Cargo (Conventional Cargo, B/B)
General cargo stowed conventionally as opposed to unitised (palletised), containerised and Roll On/Roll Off cargo.
Breakbulk Vessel
Conventional Carriers designed to carry containers and non-containerised cargo; vessel with hatches built to accommodate various commodities.
Person who serves as an agent or intermediary in negotiating contracts.
Fee paid to forwarder by the Carrier for services performed.
Basic Service Rate
Bulk Cargo
Unpacked homogeneous cargo poured loose in a vessel's hold or a container e.g. oil and grain.
Bulk Carrier
Single deck vessel designed to carry homogeneous unpacked dry bulk cargoes.
Bulk Container
Container designed for the carriage of dry cargoes in bulk, which are loaded through hatchways in the roof of the container and discharged through hatchways at one end of the container.
Vertical partition dividing compartments on board a vessel.
Bull rings
Rings for lashing the cargo in containers (flatracks or artificial tweendecks).
Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF)
Adjustment applied by shipping lines or liner conferences to compensate for the effect of fluctuations in the cost of fuel.
Bunker Surcharge
Goto : Bunker Adjustment Factor.
Fuel for a vessel’s propulsion plant (engine).
Bureau Veritas
French classification society.
Buying Signal
Statement made by a customer that indicates he is ready/prepared to buy your service.

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