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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shipping Terms - Letter G

Maritime, Shipping and Commercial Terms,
Expressions, Abbreviations, Measuring Units, etc.
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

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Goto : General Average.
A number of workmen acting together especially for performing manual tasks in connection with loading and/or discharging of a vessel by means of the necessary gear.
Bridge/staircase laid from an opening in the railing or side of a vessel to the shore or to a platform giving access to the vessel.
Gantry Crane
A crane or hoisting machine mounted on a structure spanning an intervening space, which often travels on rails.
Gear & Tackle
Ship’s equipment used to level, secure and brace cargo for loading/unloading from vessel.
General Average (G/A)
Intentional act or sacrifice which is carried out to safeguard vessel and cargo. If the maritime venture is in peril and the Captain decides to sacrifice the ship or cargo for the common good, then all parties who gain by the safe completion of the voyage make a contribution to reimburse those who have suffered from the sacrifice. Measures taken for the sole benefit of any particular interest are not considered  general average.
General Average Statement
Statement showing details of all general average costs and expenses and the contribution of each interest in the general average in proportion to its value.
General Cargo
Cargo, consisting of merchandise, unpacked or packed in cartons, crates, bags or bales, often palletised. General cargo can be shipped either in Breakbulk or stuffed in containers.
Gen-set (Genset)
Generator used to provide power to regulate temperature in a reefer container; can be run on its own fuel or plugs provided on pier/vessel.
Germanischer Lloyd
German classification society.
General Order Cargo seized by Customs due to failure on the part of Consignee to make Customs entry within allotted free time (U.S.).
GO Warehouse
A Customs warehouse utilised when cargo goes into General Order due to lack of permit/entry filed (U.S.).
A warehouse or cargo shed. (Far East).
Gooseneck shaped front end of a trailer or chassis.
General Purpose
General Rate Increase.
Gross Tonnage (GRT)
A volume measure of the overall size of a vessel determined in accordance with the provisions of the international convention on measurement of vessels usually expressed in register ton.
Gross Weight
Weight (mass) of cargo including packing, but excluding the Carrier's equipment.
Gross Weight of Container
Total weight of container including cargo.
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