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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shipping Terms - Letter H

Maritime, Shipping and Commercial Terms,
Expressions, Abbreviations, Measuring Units, etc.
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

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Hague Rules
International convention for the unification of rules, pertaining to Bills of Lading (1924). These Rules describe the responsibilities of ocean Carriers.
Hague-Visby Rules
Set of rules, published in 1968, amending the Hague Rules.
Hamburg Rules
United Nations Convention on the carriage of goods by sea of 1978 adopted in 1992.
House to Pier. Shipper loaded container that will be de-consolidated at destination terminal for distribution.
Hanger Beam
Beam affixed with hanging, looped rope utilised to hang clothing in a hangertainer.
Specialised container equipped with hanger beams for the purpose of stowing garments.
Place of shelter for vessels used as an indication for the geographical location.
Hatch Cover
Watertight means of closing the hatchway of a vessel.
Hatch Way
Opening in the deck of a vessel through which cargo is loaded into, or discharged from the hold and which is closed by means of a hatch cover.
The inland carriage of cargo or containers between named locations.
Road Carrier.
Harbour Dues. Assessment by Port Authorities when vessels enter harbour.
Heated Storage
Warehouse specifically heated to protect bottled cargo.
Heavy Lift (H/L)
Single commodity exceeding the capacity of normal loading equipment and requiring special equipment and rigging methods for handling. Pieces of cargo normally weighing in excess of 8,960 lbs.
Heavy Lift Charge (HLC)
Additional tariff charge assessed for use of special heavy-duty machine to handle heavy cargo.
Heavy Lift Vessel
A vessel specially designed and equipped for the carriage of heavy cargoes.
High Cube Container (HC)
Container 40’ in length 9’ 6" height.
An inland area served by a particular port.
The space below the deck of a vessel used to carry cargo.
Home Port
The port of registration of a vessel.
House to House (H/H)
Another term for CY/CY.
Outer shell of a vessel, usually made of steel plates.
Transshipment point in a service network, which serves points beyond that of a particular service by means of feeder vessels.
Taking care of a vessel's non cargo related operations as instructed the by the master or owner of the vessel.
Tractor that pulls containers around the pier for positioning.
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