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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shipping Terms - Letter O

Maritime, Shipping and Commercial Terms,
Expressions, Abbreviations, Measuring Units, etc.
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

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On Board.
Original Bill of Lading.
Oncarriage. Movement of cargo by connecting Carrier to ultimate destination.
Overland Common Point.
Off-Dock Location
Depot at a distance from the main terminal used to load/unload cargo -truck/rail and delivery of cargo to Consignee.
OH Crane
Overhead crane.
Oil Bulk Ore Vessel (OBO-Vessel)
A vessel designed for the carriage of dry or liquid bulk cargo.
On Board B/L
A Bill of Lading where a Carrier acknowledges that goods have been placed on board a certain vessel.
The carriage of cargo (containers) by any mode of transport to the final place of delivery after discharge from the ocean vessel at the port of discharge.
On Deck Stowage
Cargo stowed on deck of vessel.
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Open Rates
Rates established for each individual Carrier (U.S.). These rates although in the same tariff may differ according to Carrier.
Open Side Container
Container with frames with mesh at the sides covered by a tarpaulin which can be pulled away to give unrestricted sideways access to the container for stuffing or stripping.
Open Top Container
A dry freight container with a tarpaulin roof normally supported on movable or removable roof bows.
The party responsible for the operational management of premises or equipment such as warehouses, terminals, and vessels.
Optional Cargo
Cargo for which the final destination will be declared during transport.
Optional Port
A port which may or may not be called by a vessel during a voyage, depending on available cargo volumes.
Outturn Shortage and Damage Report. Cargo short and damaged reported at discharge port.
Export shipments.
Out of Gauge Cargo (OOG cargo)
Cargo which dimensions exceed the normal dimensions of a container, whether in length, width, height, or a combination of same.
A Carrier which operates in a Trade route served by a Liner Conference but which is not a member of that Conference.
Outturn Report
Written statement issued by a stevedore detailing the condition of cargo discharged from a vessel along with any discrepancies in the quantity compared with the vessel's manifest.
Outward Doc
Department responsible for issuance/dispatch of all export documents.
A Carrier within a consortium who carries cargo beyond his allotted share.
Overheight Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard height (of an open-top container/flatrack).
Over Landed
Cargo taken beyond original port of discharge.
Overlength Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard length (of a flatrack/ATD).
Over The Road Limitations
State or country regulations for weight limits allowed per container/truckload.
Work extending beyond normal established working hours usually compensated by a premium to be paid to the employees concerned.
Overwidth Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard width (of a flatrack/ATD).
The legal owner of cargo, equipment or vessels, trucks, etc.
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