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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shipping Terms - Letter P

Maritime, Shipping and Commercial Terms,
Expressions, Abbreviations, Measuring Units, etc.
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

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P & I Club
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Packing List
Document listing the contents of each individual package.
A platform, usually made of wood, on which merchandise can be stacked in order to facilitate the handling by a forklift or sling.
Panamax Size
The maximum dimensions of a vessel capable to transit the Panama Canal.
Partlow Chart
A chart which indicates temperature reading in a reefer container.
The load carried in a container against which freight rates are levied.
Pentle Hook
Steel pivot upon which chassis and cab are connected.
Per Diem
Costs per day. Charge on container held by customers for an extended time; charges levied upon a trucker due to late return of equipment
Pier to House. Cargo received at pier loaded in a container and picked up at destination terminal intact by Consignee.
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The carriage of trailers on railway wagons.
Petty stealing of merchandise from a ship's hold, containers, terminal, cargo shed or warehouse.
Local expert advising a vessel's captain on safe navigation.
Place of Delivery
The location where a shipment is delivered to the Consignee; the place where Carrier's liability for the transport ceases.
Place of Receipt
The location where a shipment is received by the Carrier from the Shipper; the place where Carrier's liability for the transport commences.
Plimsoll Mark
A mark, welded on both sides of the vessel, indicating the limit to which a vessel may be loaded, depending on the specific gravity of the water in which the vessel is located.
Price of Non Conformance.
Harbour with facilities for vessels to moor and load or discharge.
Port of Call
Place where a vessel actually moors during a voyage.
Port of Discharge
The port where the cargo is actually discharged from the vessel.
Port of Loading
The port where the cargo is actually loaded on board the vessel.
Portal Crane
A type of gantry crane with vertical legs of sufficient height and width to allow trucks/chassis or railroad equipment to pass between the legs.
The transport of equipment from a depot to Shipper's premises or from Consignee's premises.
Poultry Bridge
A miniland bridge movement set up for poultry.
Pier to Pier. Cargo movement delivered loose to pier at origin point and picked up loose at destination terminal.
The carriage of cargo by any mode of transport from the place of receipt to the port of loading into the ocean vessel.
The carrier by which the cargo is moved prior to the port of loading.
Prepaid Bill of Lading
A Bill of Lading stating that freight has to be paid prior to the Bill of Lading being released to Shipper or Shipper’s designated party.
Prepaid Collect
Shipper is responsible for ocean freight charges prepaid at destination. Money to be paid at destination prior to release of Bills of Lading (at origin).
The act of grouping goods in slings for subsequent loading into and discharging from a conventional vessel.
Pre-trip Inspection (PTI)
A technical inspection of Reefer containers prior to their being positioned for stuffing.
The process of establishing freight rates for particular shipments.
Party for whom another acts as agent.
Priority Account
Major account with volume potential/performance deserving special attention.
Product Carrier
Vessel specially designed for the transport of refined petroleum products.
Pro Forma Invoice
Draft invoice sent to an importer by the exporter prior to order confirmation and shipment to assist in matters relating to obtaining import licences or foreign exchange allocations, or to advise the value of a shipment for the purposes of opening Letters of Credit.
The process of acquiring material and/or services in the desired quantity, quality, place and time from a supplier.
Profit Centre
An organisational unit held responsible for its own profits and losses.
Project Cargo
Cargo of various categories connected to the same project, f. inst. construction of a cement factory.
Project Rates
Freight Rates established for a specific project.
Proof of Delivery
A receipt signed by the Consignee upon delivery.
Protection and Indemnity Club (P&I Club)
A mutual association of shipowners who by means of contributions provide protection against liabilities.
Public Warehouse
A warehouse available to all companies and persons who wish to make use of the services offered.
Purchase Order
An order from a customer to a supplier for specific quantity of goods, materials, services or products at agreed terms of delivery and prices.
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