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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shipping Terms - Letter S

Maritime, Shipping and Commercial Terms,
Expressions, Abbreviations, Measuring Units, etc.
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

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Said to Contain (STC)
Term in a Bill of Lading declaring that the master and the Carrier are unaware of the nature or quantity of the goods in a container, particulars of which have been furnished by the Shipper.
Sales Call Report
Log of sales calls and pertinent information on results of sales calls.
Sales Lead
Account information for follow-up from sales, often in other locations.
Sales Meeting
Meeting where past and future sales matters are discussed and planned.
Sales Prospect
Possible sales accounts; sales target account.
The saving or rescue of a vessel and/or the cargo from loss and/or damage from perils of the sea.
A timetable comprising arrival/departure times of ocean- and feeder vessels and also inland transportation.
Schedule B
U.S. Government listing to properly declare cargo; seven digit number assigned by the Bureau of Census to identify types of cargo.
Movement of cargo by sea to connecting discharge port, then air-freighted to ultimate destination.
Sea Way Bill
Non-negotiable Bill of Lading used for through consignments; no original Bill of Lading required, proof of identity (of Consignee), only is required.
A numbered locking device used for containers, lockers, trucks or lorries providing proof to relevant parties that they have remained closed during transport.
Term depicting the fitness of a vessel to travel in the open seas mostly related to a particular voyage with a particular cargo.
Self-Sustained Vessel
Vessel equipped with cranes/derricks that does not require shore equipment to load/unload cargo.
Service Contract
A rate negotiable and agreed to between two parties allowing for a particular rate based on volume; written agreement between Carrier and customer for specified rate, volume, and service level by Carrier over an agreed time.
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Part of the work-programme of a stevedoring company (a working day may have up to
3 shifts (3 x 8 = 24 hours)).
Ship Broker
Acts as intermediary between shipowners or Carriers on the one hand and cargo interests on the other.
Ship’s Chandlers
Suppliers of stores/provisions to the vessel.
Ship's Protest
Statement of the master concerning exceptional events which occurred during a voyage of a vessel which is lodged with the competent authorities.
A separately identifiable collection of merchandise to be carried. See also : Consignment.
Ship operator
A ship operator is either the shipowner or the legal person responsible for the de-facto management of a vessel and its crew.
The legal person officially registered as such in the vessel's certificate of registry.
The merchant with whom a contract of carriage of goods has been concluded with a Carrier.
Shipper’s Load, Stow & Count
Mention on a Bill of Lading stating that the contents of a container are stowed and counted by Shipper. Cargo loaded and stowed by Shipper in container; CY load.
Shipper’s Reference Number
A Shipper ID number for a shipment.
Shipping Act of 1984
Congressional legislation establishing U.S. regulations for the ocean transportation industry.
Shipping Marks
The identification shown on individual packages to enable the checking of merchandise against documents.
Cargo located alongside the vessel.
The difference between actual available or delivered quantity and the required/documented quantity.
Short Landed
Cargo volume count less than originally shipped.
Short Shipped
Cargo missing vessel that originally intended for due to Carrier’s option.
Shrink Wrapping
Plastic wrapping around a consignment, usually a pallet, whereby a plastic film is heattreated so as to fit snugly around the entire consignment.
Battens fitted underneath frames, boxes or packages to raise them off the floor and allow easy access for a.o. fork lift trucks.
Method of loading packages in a container via a thin liner board and forklift.
Sliding Scale
Rates based on number of containers moving over a period of time. The higher the cargo volume, the lower the rate.
Chains, ropes, or straps used for cargo handling purposes.
The space on board a vessel, required by one 20’ or 40’container.
Slot Charter
A charter whereby the shipowner agrees to place a certain number of container slots (TEU and/or FEU) at the charterer's disposal.
Device used for lifting containers and unitised cargo. Beam or frame that holds the slings vertical when hoisting a load.
Short Ton (equivalent to 2,000 lbs.)
An identifiable amount of containers stowed in a orderly way in one specified location.
Stack Train
Train with containers placed two high on rail flat car.
To pile containers etc. on top of each other.
Stacking Cone
Metal cone for guiding containers during stacking.
The total weight of containers and cargo in a certain row.
Statutory Notice
Specific time period before a rate regulation can become effective (U.S.).
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The foremost part of a vessel.
The aftermost part of a vessel.
Terminal operator entrusted with the operation of loading and discharging vessels and various terminal activities. 
Storage Charge
Charge for goods held in railroad or other warehouses under fixed agreement for periods of time, and which is not included in other service arrangements.
The placing and securing of cargo or containers on board a vessel or of cargo in a container.
Stowage Factor
Ratio of a cargo's cubic measurement to its weight, expressed in cubic feet to the ton or cubic metres to the tonne, used in order to determine the total quantity of cargo which can be loaded in a certain space.
Stowage Plan
A plan indicating the locations on the vessel of all the shipments for the benefit of stevedores and vessel's officers.
An unwanted person who hides on board of a vessel to get free passage, to flee a country, to evade port officials etc.
Straddle Carrier
Wheeled vehicle designed to lift and carry shipping containers within its own framework. It is used for moving, and stacking containers at a container terminal.
Straight Frame
Type of chassis used to move containers.
Stripping (Devanning, Unstuffing, Unpacking)
The unloading of cargo out of a container.
STS Crane
Ship to Shore Crane.
Stuffing (Vanning, Packing)
The loading of cargo into a container.
Subrogation Form
Document declaring that the claimant indeed holds title to a particular cargo claim, f. inst an insurance company on behalf of a merchant.
Sufferance Warehouse
Bonded Customs warehouse in Canada.
Experienced officer assigned by the Charterer of a vessel to safeguard the effective utilisation of a vessel and protect the interests of the Charterer.
Supply Vessel
Vessel that carries supplies from shore to platforms (drilling rigs).
An additional charge levied in addition to the usual or customary freight.
An inspection of a certain item or object by a recognised or certified specialist.
A specialist who carries out surveys.
Container with freight to many destinations.
Switch Bill of Lading
A B/L that is re-made to effect movement from discharge port to final destination.
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