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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shipping Terms - Letter W

Maritime, Shipping and Commercial Terms,
Expressions, Abbreviations, Measuring Units, etc.
Dictionary of Shipping Terms

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Weight or Measurement.
Document used to allow cargo carriage by different flag vessels than original destination country vessels. Also on government cargoes where cargo flag cannot carry the shipments.
Waiver Clause
Clause in a marine insurance policy stating that no acts of the insurer or insured in recovering, saving or preserving the property insured, shall be considered a dismissal from or acceptance of abandonment.
War Risk
Surcharge covering additional insurance premium incurred by a vessel entering a war zone.
A building intended for receipt, storage and handling of goods.
Warehouse Receipt
Receipt for goods deposited in a warehouse.
The activity of holding and handling goods in a warehouse.
Non-negotiable transport document evidencing the contract for cargo transportation
from one point to another.
Wayport Cargo
wayport cargo is cargo using our MOTHER VESSELS (e.g. AE1,AE5,TP3, etc) within only
1 region. It includes transshipment cargoes. Below are all wayport cargoes;
1) booked OAK/SIN via HKG (routing : OAK-HKG-SIN : 2 vessels) this shipment will be called WAYPORT between HKG-SIN if it uses a mother vessel such as AE1 for HKG-SIN leg.
2) booked YAT/SIN (routing : YAT-SIN : 1 vessel) if booked on mother vessel such as AE1, this is also called a wayport cargo.
Wear and Tear
Loss and/or deterioration resulting from ordinary utilisation.
With Effect From
Weight Ton
A ton of 1000 kilos.
A place for berthing vessels to perform loading and discharging of cargo.
A fee charged for the use of a wharf for mooring, loading or discharging a vessel or for storing merchandise.
Wire Transfer
Electronic transfer of funds.
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