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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lurssen Shipyard

Lürssen (or Lürssen Werft) is a German shipbuilding company based in Bremen-Vegesack .

Lürssen designs and constructs yachts, naval ships and special vessels. Trading as Lürssen Yachts, it is one of the leading builders of custom superyachts such as Paul Allen's Octopus, David Geffen's Rising Sun, and Azzam, the largest private yacht in the world at 180 m in length. Company Type: GmbH; Industry: Shipbuilding; Founded: 1875; Founder: Friedrich Lürssen; Headquarters: Bremen-Vegesack, Germany; Products: Yachts and Naval ships, Website www.lurssen.com; Divisions: Fr. Lürssen Werft, Lürssen Logistics, Lürssen Yachts, Lürssen Schacht-Audorf (Rendsburg); Lürssen Berne-Bardenfleth;

Lurssen Yachts Layout

One Concept, Eight Locations:

With its intense focus on excellence in custom-built yachts, Lurssen could be called single-minded. Yet the logical consequence of this single commitment is diversity: to fulfill the widely varied individual wishes and needs of each client, it operates seven separate locations, each specializing in a specific size of yacht -from around 60 meters to well over 200 meters in length. Each is equipped with the most advanced shipbuilding technology available. Each is staffed by highly qualified and dedicated naval architects and specialized engineers as well as technicians and skilled workers. Along with its main headquarters, these facilities guarantee unsurpassed capacity to create unique vessels and carry out first-class refits and repairs.
- Vegesack (live map) - Wilhelmshaven (live map) - Lemwerder (live map) - Berne (live map)
- Aumund (live map) - Hamburg (live map) - Rendsburg (live map) - Wolgast (live map)

Lurssen Ethic & Professional Behaviour Policies:

Company Values, Family Values.
The Lurssen brand promises excellence-the Lurssen family delivers it. For five generations and since 1875, we've been cultivating the most refined skills and advanced technologies to create truly outstanding vessels. And because our connection to shipbuilding is as deep-rooted and individual as only family bonds can be, our commitment is deep, our approach individual. When company founder Friedrich Lurssen said, "Leading in quality and performance, that should be my company's reputation," he was expressing the values we continue to uphold to this day. Lurssen is more than a shipbuilding company. Lurssen is a shipbuilding family.

For the Customer, With the Customer.
We've achieved the reputation Friedrich Lurssen aimed for. But that's not enough: as specialists in custom-built yachts - from concept to realization and beyond - we consistently place the client at the center. We know the quality and intensity of our work with and for each customer are what make each Lurssen yacht a unique masterpiece. And our clients know they can rely on us for absolute discretion - letting others know they own a Lurssen yacht is entirely up to them. But there may be one giveaway: the uncompromising aesthetic and technological standards that show in every detail of every vessel that leaves our shipyards.

Different Yachts, Consistent Excellence.
Lurssen yachts are as individual as their owners - from experienced yachtsmen to newcomers. From under 60 meters to more than 150 meters in length. The yachts we develop hand-in-hand with customers and the world's finest yacht designers span the full spectrum - graceful, bold, poetic, imposing, classic, innovative. Yet as diverse as these individual projects are, they all share one quality: they are shaped by the Lurssen family's deep knowledge of - and commitment to - custom yacht building.

The Right Yacht, The Right Shipyard.
It all begins with your thoughts, wishes and dreams. And ends with their realization: a custom-built yacht like no other. You determine the level and depth of consulting and input. You select from proposals developed according to your ideas by internationally leading designers. Your ideas remain the top priority, and the design is adapted to meet them. Your yacht is then built at one of our four shipyards - each specialized in a specific size of vessel - by highly skilled Lurssen craftspeople, technicians, naval architects and specialized engineers. Your special wishes and whatever challenges arise in the process are met by our experts, working side-by-side in close cooperation with you and with each other -swiftly, flexibly, creatively.

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